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Removal Prices

Rubbish removal prices has never been so cheap!
If you decided to visit this subsection of our website, it is more than certain that you would like to obtain more detailed information on  prices.

We do perfectly understand that and that is why we have made a decision to create a detailed price list, which will be comprehensible both for individuals who have yet ordered service provision from us and for prospective clients, who would like to be presented with data on how much has to be paid for a certain truck load.

Rubbish collection prices offered by our company is undoubtedly one of the lowest in the area, for instead of focusing on charging our customers as much as possible, we want to show them that the highest quality of servicing does not always need to go hand in hand with unreasonable costs of litter removal. Our major motto is to keep the satisfaction of our customers at a constant, high level.

Therefore, rubbish clearance price list prepared by our company is not only alluring, but it also includes all the crucial pieces of information, thanks to which you will be able to easily calculate how much money has to be spent to get rid of commercial, household, or office rubbish.

Let us indicate as well that all of the services provided are WAIT and LOAD in character, which grants you the possibility of properly controlling the service provision costs.


Our current rubbish removal cost are as follows:

1. 1/3 LOAD – £80 (20 min loading time free of charge)

2. 1/2 LOAD – £130 (30 min loading time free of charge)

3. 3/4 LOAD – £180 (45 min loading time free of charge)

4. Full LOAD – £230 (up one hour loading time included)


Full LOAD – £330 (up one hour loading time included)


As it can be easily seen  it is truly difficult to find companies operating in the area which would offer a better rubbish removal price than the Rubbish Masters firm.

We are fully aware of that and we want to keep our rubbish clearance price at the same level at least for several years to come to attract even more individuals interested in quick and safe litter removal. If you would like to place an order for one of services mentioned above, please do not hesitate and contact us via e-mail, phone, or directly.

Before doing so, however, do not forget the area section of the website to check whether or not we provide assistance in or in a close proximity to your place of residence.

Skip Hire Prices

Skip prices – we are also glad to inform that thanks to the rapid development of our company, we also have the access to capacious skips that can be leased for our customers for a remarkably small fee.

Below, you can find a skip hire thanks to which you will be able to assess whether or not it is possible for you to order our experts to visit you in your house or office and transport a big, voluminous rubbish container to the desired designation. Thanks to it, you will be able to gradually remove all the unwanted office, household, and commercial rubbish, as well as damaged and worn-out items of furniture. What is more, thanks to skip hire booking, you can forget about the additional fee that is paid for waiting for all the litter to be packed onto the truck.

skip hire prices

You can segregate and load the unwanted items into the container at your own pace, which is especially useful is you are not excessively fit or you work long hours and never have enough time for proper cleaning. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a skip hire quote, as the cost provided below can change depending on the number of containers that are requires and on the time frame you would like to order them for. The Rubbish Masters company is always open to negotiations, especially when it comes to large-scale orders involving hiring several skips for longer than two or three days. Ship hire cost may then vary and be significantly lower than the basic price specified below:

SKIP HIRE PRICES 8 yard – £220
SKIP HIRE PRICES 12 yard – £300
If you happen to be interested in the skip hire offer, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Thanks to the possibility of communicating with us via e-mail , you can take advantage of the online booking solution, which grants you even more freedom and ensures that you do not need to visit us personally to be able to order a container that you find most suitable for your personalized needs!


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